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20 issues of porting C++ code on the 64-bit platform   Creating a C++ DLL for use with VB6 – Step by Step   Communication over Serial Port for VB6 - Visual Basic 6
A Bit of Logic: Understanding Bytes and Bits   FLOATING POINT CALCULATIONS IN ASSEMBLY   Crystal Reports Using Stored Procedure with Parameters - Visual Basic .NET
A Closer Look at Methods   Function Calling Conventions   Defining loggers - C++
A Closer Look at Methods in Java   Introduction to object orientated programming in JavaScript.   Detect 64 bit operating system - Visual Basic 6
Naming Conventions   JavaS cript   File Copy Using File.Copy Method in C# - C#
C# vs. VB.Net – It’s Just Syntax!   Nokia FBUS SMS and PDU Utility Code and Notes   Formatting Numbers in C# - C#
Control Structures   Object Oriented Programming and Inheritance   Formatting Numbers in VB.Net - Visual Basic .NET
Generalization/Specialization in Object-Oriented Programming   Introduction to Inheritance   FTP Upload Client - Java
Interfaces in Java   Abstract Class Tutorial   islem v1.0 - C++
theraje's Introduction to Game Programming  


  Java Mail 2 send mail - Java
Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME)   Preventing Game Trainers from Modifying Your Game - Perl
Overview of Contract Programming   The Power of PHP's strtotime() function   Multithreading with C++ - C++
String Handling in Java   theraje's VB6 Game Tutorial Series I   PadLeft and PadRight - SQL
String Handling in Java   theraje's VB6 Game Tutorial Series I   Processing the Command Line Arguments for VB.Net - Visual Basic .NET
Treatment of NULLs by Oracle & SQL Server   Tutorial: Converting a phpBB forum into an RSS feed using Python.   Query Results as XML rather than standard rowsets - SQL
TTesting and Debugging Windows Services and Web Services in .NET Framework   Using a Custom Embedded Font to Jazz up your pages   Quick way to see if a file or folder exists using C Sharp - C#
What is a SQL Server Temporary Table?   Using Templates in C++   Send Email using JavaMail API - Java
Why do I Want to Use a JOIN Clause?       Simple and smart encrypter - Visual Basic 6
Why Visual Basic 6 is like McDonalds       Stored Procedure Using Cursor - SQL
        Wav Sound Player Class - Visual Basic 6



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