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Are You Making Any Money Online?

How long have you been trying to make money online? Has it been a few months, or a year? Have you been able to make any money yet? Are you starting to get frustrated with it all?

Have you joined any business opportunities that claim you could make money within a week, but you are still waiting and haven’t made any money yet? Do you ever get the idea that the successful people online only tell you part of the process and leave out the important details that will help you make money?

Business Model

What is your business model? I ask this because I see so many people online today that do not have an effective business model. Your business model is the methods you use to get customers and to keep customers.

If you have ever used a Traffic Exchange, then you may have seen some of the same failed business models. Why would someone work so hard to get traffic and then send the traffic to someone else’s website? People on the Traffic Exchanges use their Affiliate Links to send their hard earned traffic to. All you are doing is promoting the Affiliate Program and your efforts serve the Affiliate Program and not you.

Here is the big picture: People do not buy into anything the first time they see it! It usually takes seven or more times of exposure before a person will buy into something. You use the same Affiliate Program as a few hundred other people on the Traffic Exchange. People see the Affiliate promotion over and over again. They may click on your link, but likely this is not happening for you, is it? The only one that really makes out with this business model is the owner of the Affiliate Program! Their promotion is beeing seen hundreds or thousands of times through the efforts of all the Affiliates.

There is a Better Way to do This!

There is a much better business model to follow. All of the traffic that you work hard to generate should be directed to your webpages. Create a squeeze page, which is a short sales letter that promotes your newsletter, ezine or other email message series. Get a digital information product, such as a report, small ebook, or write something yourself that relates with the products or service that you sell. The squeeze page will also promote this digital information product.

The squeeze page is known by a wide variety of terms. The main function of the squeeze page is to get the name and email address of your visitors. You should have an opt-in form on your squeeze page that gets the visitors information and sends this to your AutoResponder service. I use GetResponse for my AutoResponder service and you can sign up with them through the link. You can also use any other service you want. Do a Google search for “autoresponder”.

Direct all traffic to your squeeze page(s)! You can set up a Thank You page through your AutoResponder service. This page should thank your visitor for submitting their information and let them know that the digital information product will come in their email after they confirm their subscription. You can also use this valuable resource to make the first promotion for your own product or service, or for your Affiliate Program, Affiliate Product or Affiliate Service.

What Do You Do With Your List?

Once you have set up your AutoResponder and your squeeze page, then you will start building your list. Yes this is the “List” that everyone talks about in Internet Marketing. You may have heard the phrase, “The Money Is In The List”. Well this is the list I am talking about.

As stated above, most people will only buy into something after seeing it for seven times or more. By getting the name and email address of your visitor, you can make sure that you are the one putting the promotion in front of their eyes seven or more times!! This will increase the number of people that join your Affiliate Program. This will boost your sales of any product or service that you are promoting.

Other Information Resources

I offer a membership area on this website that contains a large selection of instructional videos, digital information and software. The videos can be viewed online in your web browser. These things are provided to help you make money online. The videos cover the small details that are needed to get your website set up and functional. You will learn how to automate your website to make payment and delivery of products automatic. This means that you will have very little to do once your website is set up. You will need to drive traffic to your website and then collect your money from your merchant account.

This offer is too good to pass up. Do yourself a favor and look at this webpage to find out more information. Webmaster Gold Membership If you purchase the guide, then you will get a free months access to the membership area.



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