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Have You Ever Tried to Build Your Own Computer?

Back on November 10, I wrote a post about my new computer.  I had bought the parts and was looking forward to building my latest computer.  I decided on the fastest AMD CPU and a GigaByte Motherboard that I thought would handle the CPU.  I picked the motherboard because it had the capacity for 16GB of RAM.  I could only find 2GB modules at the fastest speed, which added up to 8GB of RAM (4 modules).  I figure I can upgrade later to get 16GB of RAM.

I wanted the large amount of RAM because I do a lot of graphics and video editing.  This is a hobby that I have, and I am using for my business.  I also bought the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection.  This has all the latest graphics, video and website tools available.  So, I wanted to make sure I have enough RAM to run these high end programs.

I probably should have taken extra time to research the compatibilities of the hardware, etc.  But, I was excited about the new software and getting a new computer to run the software.  On November 14, I wrote a post about a problem that I had when I built my computer and tried to turn it on.  I got a black screen and the monitor had a message that there was no graphics input.  I first suspected the graphics card and called up the Tech Support for the Graphics card.  The person told me that my power supply was not putting out enough power to run the graphics card.  I had to buy a new power supply to replace the one that came with the computer case.

I get the power supply and installed it.  I still had a black screen with the error message…. Now I decide there must be a problem with the motherboard or the CPU.  I call Tech Support for the motherboard.  The person has me go through different steps to troubleshoot the motherboard.  I had already tried most of the tests.  After a while the person told me that the motherboard or CPU may be bad.  I did not have a motherboard that would support the CPU or another CPU to test which component was bad, so the person suggested I send both back to the vendor for replacement.

I go through the process to get the RMA and then send everything back.  I get the replacements parts yesterday.  I figure that the new parts should work and once again I am excited as I put together all the pieces.  Then I turn it on.  Black screen and error message again….  Now I am really getting upset.  I have spent all this time building and tearing down my computer and still it does not work.  I call up GigaByte Tech Support and this time I ask about the compatibility of the motherboard and the CPU.  The person looks up the serial number of the motherboard and finds out that the BIOS will not support the CPU.

If you know anything about BIOS, then you know that you can not upgrade the BIOS without running the computer.  There is no way to upgrade the BIOS with a CPU that does not work with the current BIOS.  I asked the person what was the fastest CPU that the BIOS would support.  I then bought another CPU for my computer.  By the time you go through all the hassle to install a CPU and heatsink, it does not make much sense to replace it after upgrading the BIOS.

This has turned out to be the most frustrating computer project I have ever had.  I will not get the new CPU until Friday or Monday, depending on when it ships.  I do not know if this will be the fix or not, but it does seem like it was incompatibility with the CPU and the motherboard.  If only I had taken the time to research more about them….

I have never had problems like this before.  Usually I get the parts and build the computer and it works.  There are a lot of advantages in building your own system.  For one thing you can get more computer for less money.  You can get the graphics card of your choice.  The biggest reason is to avoid getting an integrated system where everything is on the motherboard.  This is a bad thing especially when the graphics fail.  It seems crazy to put all your eggs in one basket.  Then you have to change the whole motherboard to replace the graphics or sound.  It is hard to find a motherboard without integrated sound, so this is still a problem, but you can still run without sound.  It is hard to run without video.

Now it is your turn.  Let us know about your computer projects or upgrades.  We would like to hear about your successes or problems you may have faced.  Enter your comments below.  If the comments box is not seen below this post, then please click on the title of this post to open the post with the comments.

I wish you success in all your legitimate business ventures and in your every day life too!



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