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Create Your Own Website

What is holding you back from having your own website?  Most people have a limited understanding of HTML or PHP.  Is this what is holding you back?

There are ways to create your own website without having to learn HTML, PHP, or any other scripting language.  Most web hosting companies provide an HTML editor as part of your hosting package.  You can usually access the HTML editor through your back end or C-Panel.  This is typically a What You See Is What You Get or WYSIWYG type of editor.  This type of editor is simple to use and is set up similar to MS Word and other windows based programs.  There are menus and function buttons that enable you to change the fonts, change the colors, add images, create hyper links, and other common function that you would need to create your web page.

There may be limitations with the provided editor.  For example there may be a limited number of templates to choose from.  There may be limitations for adding header graphics or other customizations.  Another option would be to use an editor on your personal computer and then upload the files to your web host server.

Free Options

There are a few free options that will do many of the functions that you need to create your website.  One option is called KompoZer and is based on the NVU HTML editor.  NVU is no longer supported.  KompoZer added a few features to NVU and has a support forum.  The user interface is easy to use and if you have used any windows based programs, then you should be able to use this program with ease.  This is a WYSIWYG type of editor.  This is an Open Source program and is free to use.

As you create your webpage in the editor, the HTML code is automatically written for your website.  I often use my editor to create the code for hyper links that I add to my articles and other content which I submit to other websites.  This makes it so much easier then writing the script each time.  You type the text and highlight the just the part you want to be a link.  Click on the “Insert Link” button and copy and paste your URL in the editing window.  I usually check the box to make the link open in a new window.  Then I go to the Source tab and copy the code and paste where I need it.

Paid Options

You could buy a website authoring program.  The prices range from $20 - $400 or more.  Some are easier to use.  Some have more features then you may ever use.  It is always a good idea to compare the features and try to get the best fit for you for the least amount of money.  Unless you have a lot of money to spend, then you may not even consider the higher end programs.  Here is a link to the Wikipedia article, Comparison of HTML Editors.

Of course some may consider the best option is to pay someone else to create your website.  This may seem like the best fit for you, but consider the security risk.  How do you know if the person that you trust to create your website is not making money from your website?  The programmer could insert their own Affiliate links instead of yours.  The programmer could set up leaching scripts to extract your customer information for their own purposes.

I believe that each person should learn enough about their website to be able to check for proper Affiliate Links.  You should also be able to set up FTP accounts with limitations to just the directories needed for your programmer to add the scripts to get the job done.  Old accounts should be deleted or at least change the passwords to protect your website after the work is done.  You should be able to create and modify email accounts on your web host server.  These are just the minimum requirements.




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