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Consulting Services


Although consulting is often the less tangible of our services, it is often what makes a project successful. You can hire
creative talent or technical expertise but without aligning them to your business goals you are dead in the water.

CSS Global, Inc. works with companies to evaluate their needs and prepare a business and marketing strategy to
meet them. Our expert staff of analysts designs functionality that is easy to use and gets results. We can help you automate
your business, improve usability or increase
the success rate of your project.

Business Consulting

CSS Global, Inc. offers strategic business consulting services that allow our clients to leverage technology to their benefit. Our consultants offer strategic business consulting, expertise in technology and marketing issues. Our consultants have worked with companies to refine their business and marketing plans, create new revenue streams, automate business processes and understand cutting edge technology.

Our "Strategy in a Day" sessions allow you to get the expertise you need when you need it. These structured discussions
between your team and our expert staff can help you come up with the most innovative new ideas or find solutions to the
most difficult challenges. We have spent years implementing ideas, studying hundreds of business models and getting to know what works and what doesn't.
We can give you the opportunity to get together and brainstorm with the people who know best - people who have a toolkit of proven effective techniques. Why reinvent the wheel?

Our result-driven consulting team can focus on a strategic level or on creating a solution for something specific.
We work with our clients to analyze the situation, design a solution, integrate the technology needed and track their results.

You know your needs and goals; we know how to get there.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing can be a complicated and expensive endeavor; more so without a formal marketing strategy with measurable
accountability. Our marketing strategy includes:

•  Defining your Marketing Objectives
•  Defining Prospects and Your Ideal Clients
•  Understanding Your Prospect's Buying Process
•  Your Competitors and Industry
•  Identifying Unique Selling Point
•  Instituting a Marketing Process
•  Selling Your Services
•  Getting More Business and Referrals from Clients

Getting results depends on dozens of key factors. The most critical factor is having a written strategy or a "Road Map" to follow
. For this reason, you need a company who can help you set realistic goals, develop a plan and see it through.

Stay informed

Once you sign on with CSS Global, Inc. to develop your marketing plan, our newsletter will keep you informed and up to date
on the latest industry developments, proven techniques and constantly evolving trends.

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