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Do It Yourself Website Design and Creation

Have you ever considered having your own website? What has stopped you from going through with it and getting your own website? Did you feel that it was too hard?

There are many reasons to have your own website, but the most common reason these days is to make money. This may be the reason that you want to have your own website. Regardless of your reasons, it is not as hard as you may think to get your own website.

Website Hosting Account

In order to have a website you need to start a web hosting account. There are many companies that offer this service. One company that I personally use and recommend is IX Web Hosting. This company offers web hosting accounts for as little as $4.95/month which includes one free Domain Name Registration. You can check out the packages that are offered on their website.

Another company that I use and recommend is Site 5 Web Hosting. This company offers web hosting accounts for as little as $4.67/month. You can check out the packages that are offered on their website.

You could also do a Google search for “web host” or “web hosting” to find other companies. You can compare features to find the best package that will allow for expansion of your website. Try to get a package that offers 1 GB (Giga Byte) or more of disk space on the server, and 1 TB (Tera Byte) or more of data transfer per month (also called Bandwidth).

Domain Name

Some web host accounts will include a domain name registration. This means that you do not have to pay extra for your domain name. Domain names need to be re-newed every year. Having a good domain name is crucial for success online. It is best to pick a domain name that relates to your product or your company.

You can register your domain name(s) through a third party company. This is good for transferring a domain name from one web host company to another. If you plan on switching companies, then this may be the way to go. One company is Go Daddy.

Website Content

In order to have a website you must have content. Content is the information that is displayed on each webpage. Having good content on your website can help you get visitors to your website, because when a person comes to your website and sees the good content they will share your website address with other people.

You can write the content for your website yourself, you can hire other people to write your content, you could purchase Private Label Rights products to add content to your website, or you could have other people contribute information for your website.

I have made it easy for you to not only design and create your own website, but also to get content for your website. The Webmaster Gold Membership will provide you with video and text tutorials that will help you to design, create and maintain your very own website. You will also have access to digital information products that you can download and use yourself, plus some of these products come with Resell Rights. This means you can sell these products on your own website a keep the profits for yourself.

You can also have access to complete website packages. These website packages come with all of the scripts, graphics and content that is needed for a website. You can make money with these websites through Amazon Affiliate Program and Google AdSense or Yahoo Search Marketing. You can also add descriptions and links to other Affiliate products or services.

You can design and create your very own website and you can do it yourself! With a little help and information.



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