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Creative Website Design

When you design your website make sure you do not deviate too far from the norm. There are certain aspects of a website that must be kept as close to the common practice as possible. If you do not follow this guideline, then you may see a high bounce rate. The bounce rate is a ratio of the people that visit your site and the number of people that exit from the same webpage they arrived. This means that people left your website without looking at any other webpages.

You want to have a low bounce rate and a high rate of people that return to your website. You can acheive this by having good content on your website and by providing a look and feel that people are used to and expect. For example all links should be in blue and underlined, because this is an accepted way to make your links visible to your visitors and they expect to see them as such. This makes navigating within your website easier and more user friendly. If you make your links in a different color without underlines, then people may not know to click on the link.

Creative Header Graphics

You can get creative with your header graphic. You can see an example of a header graphic on the top of this page. You can look at other websites for examples to model your own header graphic. You can add a photo of yourself to let your visitor see you and know that you are a real person. This adds a touch of personalization to your website and will help relax your visitor. You can add a logo to your header graphic to brand your website, product or company. Check out My Red Bear Home to see an example of a Logo in the header graphics. The Logo in this example is a teddy bear in a red dress and red bow, and as you can see the website is about teddy bears.

You can add your website URL or domain name in the header graphic. This will help brand your website and help your visitor to realize what website they are visiting. Using the same header graphic throughout your website will help your visitor to realize they are still on your website when they navigate to a new webpage. Using the same color scheme and fonts throughout your website will also help in this regard.

Other Creative Graphics

You can design your own website graphics that make your website unique and personal. You can create special graphics to use as bullets in the body of your webpage to highlight and separate items in a list. You could create arrows, check marks, scribbles, or anything else that will help you make your statement.

You could create your own buy now button graphics to use on your sales page. These could be round buttons, rectangle buttons, long bars with your message to buy now, or anything else you can think of that will attract the attention of your visitor and get them to click the buy now button. The message could be as simple as “Click Here to Order”, “Click Now For Limited Time Offer!”, “Get Your Copy Now!”, or anything else that will give your visitor the directive to click on your buy now button.




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