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Email Database (The Power Is In Your List)

You may have heard this before, but it is worth repeating, “The power is in your List.” Do you know what that means? What is the List? Many people who are just starting out in Internet Marketing my not have a List yet, or may not know what a List is. Your List is a list of names and email addresses that you build up over time. The people on your List have agreed to be on the List and to receive email from you. What is so special about this kind of a List?

By getting a List, you have the right to send the people on the List emails periodically to promote your products and services or to promote other people’s products for commission. By sending emails periodically you keep your name and website in the minds of the people on your List. It is a proven fact that many people will not buy a product or service the first time they see it, and it may take 7 or more times before they actually purchase the product or service. Just getting people to your website to see your products is not enough. If you do not get the names and email addresses of your visitors, then you will likely not succeed in Internet Marketing.

One mistake that I see repeated by many Internet Marketers is that they just send their List promotions. If all you send is promotions, then you are not really building a relationship with the people on your List. You may make a few sells of lower price items, but you will not sell high priced items unless you build a relationship with them. Think of this as a friendship, how long will the friendship last if you only ask for money or favors from them and give them nothing in return? Always try to give the people on your List more then they expect. Give them good quality information that they can use and benefit from. Build the relationship and then nurture it. When you send them a promotion they will look forward to it and will buy the product from you, because they know that you will give them more then they expect.

The frequency that you send out emails will depend on your niche and on the people on your List. There is a fine line between too much and not enough, so you need to experiment a little to see what is best for your List. Offset the outright promotional emails with good quality emails that give the people on your list information they need. Also sprinkle a little of yourself in the emails. Start out the email by giving a little story that leads up to the topic or the soft promotion. Give your list something to look forward to when they open your next email. Build suspense. Open up and tell them about you and your family. Let them become a part of your world.

Once you build a good relationship with your List, then the people on the List will want to share your information with other people they know. This can do wonders to build your list, because nothing can beat an honest testimonial from a close friend about anything. Here is an example of what someone may say to their friend, “Check out this great website and sign up for the newsletter, because this person really knows what they are talking about!” Do you think the friend will check out your website and sign up for the newsletter?

How do you start a List? The first thing that is needed is an Autoresponder service. I use GetResponse and you are welcome to check them out. There are other services to choose from and you can do a Google search for “autoresponder” to find them. You can also use a script on your own website and send automated emails through your website email account. The problem with this is that if someone claims spam, then your whole website could be shut down. If you use a service, then you would only loose your account with them. Once you have decided on which service to use, then you can start building your List.

The easiest way to build a List is through your website. Create a Squeeze Page with a short message about your newsletter, e-zine or email course. Add an opt-in form with code that your autoresponder service will provide to capture opt-ins in the service databases for your account. Promote your Squeeze Page through advertisements and other methods. The Squeeze Page is called many names by Internet Marketers, such as Opt-In Page, Landing Page, Ethical Bribe, and many other names.

There are many strategies to get your visitors to give you their name and email address. You could give them an ethical bribe, which is an item with a perceived value that will encourage them to give their name and email address. This could be a digital information product that they could download and use. This could be an email course or instructional emails that are sent over a certain period of time. This could be access to information on your website in a free members area. This could be membership in a discussion group that will allow them to read and to create posts as well as leave comments. The only limit here is your imagination, I am sure that you could think of many other ethical bribes that you could offer your visitor to get their name and email address from them.

You could ask your visitor to join your newsletter and tell them about the newsletter and what it will give them. A newsletter would be a pre-configured email campaign that you set up to deliver at certain intervals based on the day the individual person opted in. You could ask them to join your e-zine and explain to them what your e-zine contains and what it covers. An e-zine should not be pre-configured, because it will give up to date information about a certain topic or theme and will be sent at certain intervals to everyone on the List simultaneously, such as every Monday, every other Monday, twice a month, every month, every other month, or what ever you set up. This is just like a magazine only it is digital and delivered by email.

These are just a few of the strategies that you can use to build your list. This is not an all inclusive list. I hope that this information has been of help to you and that you have found something that you can use and put to work for you.



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