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How Can You Get Easy Back Links to Your Website?

One of the best sources for traffic on the Internet is the Search Engines. You can use this source to bring traffic to your website and it does not cost you anything. It is best to get a high ranking in the search results so that your website is shown in the first spot on the search results page. You may have heard of Search Engine Optimization and this is part of the picture to get your website listed in the top of the list, but there is more involved. You need to have a high Page Rank and this can only be accomplished by getting good quality back links to website form other websites that have a high Page Rank. Search Engine Optimization is not enough to get a higher Page Rank.

You are probably wondering how to get these back links for your website. There are many ways to do this and I will highlight a few in this post. The first thing to do is to decide on some good landing pages for your website. A landing page can be any web page on your website. One of the best choices would be a web page with an opt-in form, so you can build your list. Once you have decided on a few landing pages, then you can start creating back links.

Article Directories

This is an easy way to get back links to your website. You write and article or have someone else write an article for you and use these to post on the Article Directories. You can find Article Directories by doing a Google search for “article directory”. Look for Article Directories with a high Page Rank and that allows you to create an Author Box with active links. Use SEO techniques to create a good keyword rich anchor text for the active link to your website. Create your Author box and use the links. Every time you post an article you will now have a good quality back link to your website.

Discussion Groups and Forums

You can find some high Page Rank discussion groups or forums that compliment the products and/or services that you offer through your website. You can do a Google search for “your niche +forum” or “your niche + group” and put your niche, product or service in place of the words “your niche” in the search. Make sure that you read the FAQ and any other rules for the forum or group before you post anything. Make sure that you can add active links in your signature for posts on the forum or group. Create a good signature that includes your name and at least one active link to your website with SEO anchor text.

To start out look for people that are asking questions that you can answer. Post replies to the questions that you are knowledgeable about. This will help build credibility for you in the minds of the community. Once you have answered some questions and provided good information, then you can move on to creating new posts or threads. Make sure each post contains good useful information and this will go far to strengthen your credibility.


You can create your own Blogs on hosted Blog servers such as Blogger or WordPress. Hosted Blogs are usually free, but will display advertisements that promote products and services for the host. You can include back links in the signature of your posts or in the body of the post. Make sure you use SEO keyword rich anchor text for each active link that points to your website. You can use the Blog to write reviews for products that you are promoting.

Another way to get good quality back links is to look for other people’s Blogs that have a high Page Rank. Look for Blogs that allow comments and active links in the signatures. You can do a Google search for “your niche + blog” and replace the words “your niche” with your product, service or niche. Do not make the mistake of just promoting your website, because this will get your comments deleted. Provide a good comment about the post or add some information that compliments the information in the post. Make sure you sign the comment with your name and an active link to your website using SEO keyword rich anchor text. It is considered bad manors to post a short comment like “Great Post” or something similar just to get your active link. It also considered bad manors and spam to have a whole list of active links after your comment.

Social Media Websites

A really good source for easy back links is the Social Media websites such as YouTube and Squidoo. These are high Page Rank websites that allow you to add content for free. You can create a video about your products or services and upload the video to YouTube or other video hosting websites. Make sure you create an Author’s Box and include information about you and your products and services. Make sure you include an active link to your website using SEO keyword rich anchor text.

Squidoo lets you create a web page on their website called a Lens. You can create as many as you want. You can add video from YouTube and other sources. You can add audio and images too. Try to use the various media to create visual web pages that people will enjoy and will share with others. Make sure your content is good quality and has useful information.

Back Links From Other Websites

If your website has good content, then you can also get back links from the people that visit your website. People like good information and often times will add links on their own websites to other websites that provide good content. This can occur without your request. These links will usually not use SEO keyword rich anchor text and may not be as beneficial as one that does. One thing to keep in mind is that Page Rank is a popularity contest so the more links the better regardless of having SEO keyword rich anchor text.



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