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How To Make Money

Recently we posted an article about Financial Independence. You may want to read that article first, because this article will expand on the information given.

In order to become financially independent you must make more money then you spend. Most people are spending more then they currently make, so it may be necessary to increase your income in order to pay your current expenses and possibly have extra to put in Savings.

There are many ways to make money online. I will list a few options that are currently available and that others have been able to make money while using.


This is a very common auction website on which many people have made millions of dollars. You could create arts and craft items to sell on eBay if you have that talent or skill. You could find items in your home that you do not use and sell these on eBay for extra money. You could buy items at yard sales, flea markets, or local auctions. Then post the items on eBay.

You could find a drop ship wholesaler that could store and ship items for you. You could then post items that you can buy through the supplier on auctions. When someone buys the item, then you could make the transaction with the supplier and they would then ship the item to your customer.

eBay also allows the sale of digital information products. You could create your own product(s) to sell. You could purchase the Resell Rights (RR), Master Resell Rights (MRR) or Private Label Rights (PLR) for products that other people have created. Then you could post auctions for these items on eBay. Please note that you must read the declaration of rights that should come with the product when you purchase it. Some products do not allow selling on auction websites as written in the declaration of rights for the product you purchased. Make sure you do not break the agreement, because this could result in legal problems for you.

Affiliate Programs

An Affiliate Program is an agreement with another company or individual to promote their products or services for a commission that is paid when your refferral makes a purchase. Some programs also pay based on clicks made on ads shown on your website. There are many Affiliate Programs available online from big name companies, such as Amazon, Google AdSense, and ClickBank. There are some MLM Affiliate Programs that you can join such as SFI Marketing, Success University, Traffic Swarm, and many others.

Individual Internet Marketers also offer Affiliate Programs for their products and services. You can find these by doing a Google search for “affiliate program” or you can check on their websites to see if they offer a program.

Your Own Website

You could sell products that you create (Physical or Digital). You could sell products from your physical retail store if you have one already. You could promote your services through your website if you offer services only. This also works for promotion in your own area if you only have the ability to offer services in your own area. You could have an online retail store and sell items that you buy in bulk through a wholesaler. You could use a drop ship wholesaler and they would store the inventory and ship to your customer once an order is placed.

You could also sell digital information products or downloadable software. You could create the product(s) yourself, outsource the creation of the product(s), or buy products with RR, MRR or PLR from others to sell on your website.

You could also join the King of Scripts Webmaster Gold Memebrship. This site has an enormous library of videos that will show you how to do everything you need to do to get a working website. This site will also have information products that you can download with Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights and Private Label Rights that you can use for your website and sell to make money for you. More products will be added to the members area on a regular basis.



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