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How To Make Your Website More Secure From Hackers

Hackers are exploiting the vulnerabilities of websites to hack into the website for various reasons.  Mostly hackers do it because they can.  It is odd to me, because I would think the hackers would want a challenge.  I would think that a hacker would get more pleasure in hacking a website that is not easy to hack.  Maybe a software company website.  If they want to make a political statement, then why not hack a political website?

Regardless of the reasons, hackers will prey on the vulnerable websites for hacking, because they are easy targets and because they can.  Your website will never be 100% secure from hackers, because humans make mistakes.  Mistakes equal vulnerabilities for the hacker to use.


The best way to prevent damage from hackers is to have current back-ups of your website files and your database files.  You will also want to check your website on a regular basis to make sure there are not any files that have been compromised.  If you restore your website with hacked files, then you are even more vulnerable for another attack.

A good rule to follow is to keep copies of all webpages for your website.  As you make changes to the webpages, save the webpage to your computer.  Use a CD or DVD burner to make copies of your website files.

Export the data from your website databases on a regular basis.  Save these archive files on your computer and burn a copy to CD or DVD.  This may seem like redundancy, but you may need these files to get your website back up and running after a hacker attack.

Ways to Protect Your Website

Keep your website scripts up to date with the most recent versions.  Older versions have exploits that are known to the hackers.  Newer versions may have removed the known exploits.  This will not make your website 100% protected, but it may help prevent an attack from hackers.

File permissions are another way hackers can attack your website.  Always make sure you use the lowest file permission that will work with your scripts.  Folders on your server should have a setting of 755, which means that User Mode can Read, Write and Execute files in the folder, but Group Mode and World Mode can only Read and Execute files in the folder.  Files should have a setting of 644, which means User Mode can Read and Write to the file, but Group Mode and World Mode can only Read the file.

File permissions can be changed through your website C-Panel File Manager or through your FTP software.  User Mode is the webmaster and server side scripts.  Group Mode is for users that are designated by the server side scripts.  World Mode is every one else that can access your website.


Make sure you change all passwords for your website, email accounts, and any other passwords required to protect your website.  Change passwords every month, or at least on a regular basis.

Never use names and words for your password.  Try to use longer passwords, because they are harder to guess and take much longer to crack.  Use a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters.  Some scripts may not allow special characters in passwords, so you may not be able to use them.

You can use a sentence or a phrase for your password, by using the first letter from each word.  For example, “The Sly Brown Fox Jumped Over A Log” will be tSBfjOaL.  Then you could add numbers and special characters such as, t58fj0@L.  This is just an example and is only 8 characters.  Make longer passwords if possible.  Some scripts set limits to the length of passwords, and you should use the maximum if less then 8 are allowed.

The longer the password and the more types of characters used, makes the password more difficult to crack or guess.  The goal is to make your passwords hard to guess.  I could go into the math, but I am sure most people do not care about the math.  A 4 character password using only numbers has 10,000 different combinations.  A 6 character password using only numbers has 1,000,000 different combinations.  As you add characters or add types of characters, then the possibilities become very large and increasingly harder to crack.

There is no way to make your website 100% secure, but the suggestions above will help you make your website more secure from hackers.



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