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How to Monetize Your Website

Many people today are concerned about money. The price of gas keeps rising and makes the prices of everything else go up too. The pay check just does not stretch to the next pay day. There is always the fear of losing the job that just barely keeps your head above the sea of debt. What can you do to make extra money?

One way is to use the Internet. You can create a website that makes money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Your website can even make money while you are sleeping, on vacation, working your day job, or anything else you might be doing. How can you make this happen?

The key to a successful website is to provide useful information to your visitors and they will come back as well as tell others about your website. Good content will also help give your website a higher ranking with the search engines and bring visitors who have searched for a keyword or key phrase that you have targeted with one of your webpages. You can also post articles in article directories and in discussion groups or forums. The links that you place in your author box can provide targeted traffic from these these sources.

You can monetize your website by hosting Pay Per Click advertisements from Google AdSense or from Yahoo Publisher. You will get paid every time on of your visitors clicks on an advertisement hosted on your website. This may not seem like a lot because you may get $0.10 per click, but if you get thousands of visitors to click on the advertisements every month or even every day, then the money will add up fast.

You can monetize your website by posting affiliate links on your website for products sold by other people. When someone makes a purchase through one of the links, then you will be paid a commission for the sale. Depending on the price of the product you could make hundreds of dollars on each sale, but the draw back is that you may not see the high numbers of people that purchase the higher priced products. It might be better to host links for lower priced products that might get more buyers.

A common affiliate program to join is ClickBank. ClickBank has set up a program for sellers to post their products and to allow others to sell their products for them through a vast affiliate program. Many people use ClickBank because they handle the payment processing for you and have a way for you to pay Affiliates that have helped sell your product. There is a large assortment of products that you can showcase on your website and provide links for visitors to buy the products. has an Affiliate Program and you can show the products that Amazon sells. Amazon started out with books, but now they offer a wide variety of products that you can promote on your website and make commisiions on the sells you help generate. Amazon has become a trusted online store and many millions of people buy from them.

Most Internet Marketers have some form of Affiliate Program set up, and you could promote their products on your website as well. Often times the Internet Marketer will provide you with banner advertisements or even sales pages that you can use on your website to promote their products. You can make from 20% - 80% on the sale of their products.

You could also sell products that you make or that you buy at the wholesale price and can sell for a profit. You could sell digital information products that you have bought the resell rights for. There are many options for selling products online. I myself have a website that sells Teddy Bears and Baby Toys.

These complete websites cover a variety of hot niche topics that are sure to pull in visitors. The websites are also set up to show Pay Per Click advertisements from Google AdSense or from Yahoo Publishing. There is also provision for Amazon Affiliate advertisements with photos. The advertisements will be targeted to the topic of each website.




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