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How to Protect Your Website From Data Theft?

Is your website at risk for data theft?

There are people on the Internet that will use your data to create their own website.  Some will even sell your data for profit.  How can they steal your data?

Look in the File Manager of your website C-Panel.  Do you see any folders in there?  Many websites use folders to store image files, sound files or video files.  The problem is that there may not be an index or main file in the directory.  These files should look like this:





If you do not have at least one of the above files in each directory on your website, then you open the door for other people to steal your data files.  For example there is a folder with the following URL or web address:

This folder may only contain image files or other data files.  If there is no index or main file, then someone can enter the web address for the folder and then the directory list of the folder will be shown in their web browser.  You can try this for yourself, just pick a folder on your website that does not have an index or main file.  The person can then right click and save every file shown in the directory.

Other security issues arise if the file permissions are not set properly.  If the file allows Write, then the person could also over-write the file to make changes to your website.  This is called hacking.

A Simple Fix

You can fix this exploit by creating a blank file named “index.html” (Do not use the quotation marks).  Open up MS Notepad, which is included in most MS Windows Operating Systems.  A new document should be started when you open MS Notepad, if not then click File and Click New, or press Ctrl + N on your keyboard.  Do not type anything in the document, just Save As “index.html” (Do not use the quotation marks).

Use the File Manager in your website C-Panel and navigate to the folder(s) that does(do) not have index files.  Upload the index.html file that you created.  This should not have any adverse actions on your website, because the index.html file should not be accessed by the scripts on your website.  Do not link to this file from any webpage.  This file will cause a blank page to appear when a person tries to access your directory list.

Other Ways To Protect Your Data

You could use software or scripts on your website that will protect your data.  You may want to consider the Lock It Now! System to protect your downloadable data.  This system will only allow customers to download your digital product(s) after they made a purchase.

You could also use HTML encryption.  There are many programs available and you can do a Google search to find these.

Website data theft occurs more often then you may realize.  An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Take steps now to protect your website from data theft.



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