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How To Succeed With Multi Level Marketing

What is Multi Level Marketing?

You may have seen the abreviation MLM, but what does it mean? Basically this is a form of Affiliate Program that requires you to promote the Affiliate Program as well as the product or service that is offered by the company that formed the MLM program. This is also called Network Marketing, because you are part of a network and try to form more networks under you.

The commission structure usually includes a percentage of the products and services you sell and a smaller percentage of the products and services sold by people under you in your network. Your success in this form of marketing is greatly influenced by how many people you get under you in your network.

Example of a Fictitious MLM Program

For simplicity let’s say there is one person at level 1. The commission structure in this example is 20% for direct sales, 10% for level 2 sales, 5% for level 3 sales, and 1% for level 4 sales. That one person then gets 3 people to join his network. Those 3 people at level 2 then each get 3 people to join under them at level 3. There are 9 people on level 3, 3 people on level 2, and 1 person on level 1 for a total of 13 people in the program. The 9 people on level 3 then each get 3 people to join under them at level 4. This makes 27 people on level 4. There is now a total of 40 people in this network. The 27 people on level 4 then each get 3 people to join under them at level 5. This makes 81 people on level 5. There is now a total of 122 in this network.

The membership fee is $100 and each person must pay in order to be in the network. Level 1 commission for level 2 members is $60 (20% of $300). Level 1 commission for level 3 members is $90 (10% of $900). Level 1 commission for level 4 members is $135 (5% of $2700). Level 1 commission for level 5 members is $81 (1% of $8100). Total commission for level 1 is $366 in this example.

What MLM Programs Are Available?

Most MLM programs are a monthly fee and may not be as high as the example, but I am sure you can see how the network grows and how your commissions will become greater as more people join the network. The membership fee may be called a Subscription or other term. The product may be digital information that you can access as long as you are a member. There may be additional products or services that you can buy, and these can be physical or digital.

One of the best MLM Programs available is SFI Marketing. The abreviation stands for Six Figure Income. There is no cost to join this program. You can earn 30% commissions on all products you sell directly, and you can get higher commissions by building your network and making sales. There are 100’s of products to sell and SFI gives you more then 20 free gateway websites that you can promote. There is free information available to help you succeed in this program. This program breaks away from the traditional MLM structure with a Powerline, where you earn commission on the sales of all people below you on the Powerline. You can also earn commission on the people below you in your network.

Success University is another MLM Program. This is not free to join, but there is a 14 day trial. You will receive a monthly newsletter and CDs delivered to your home. You can contact people in your upline to ask for help or suggestions. There are online courses that will help you become successful. There are coaching calls that are not mandatory, but will help you become successful. There is a 14 day Boot Camp email course to help you get started.

Empowerism is another MLM Program. You can join for free. This program uses a 3 X 9 matrix and gives you the potential to earn over $29,000/month just from this one program. There is a library of information available that can help you to acheive your goal.

Other Affiliate Programs

Leisure AudioBooks is an Affiliate Program. You get commissions for sales of digital audio books. Having books recorded in mp3 means that you can listen to your favorite book while doing just about anything. You can also get commissions when your referrals upgrade. There are two upgrade levels that pay higher commissions.

Traffic Swarm is an Affiliate Program. This program will help get traffic to your website, because it is a traffic exchange program. You can join for free, but you have to earn traffic credits by surfing, or through your referrals. If you upgrade, then you will get a monthly allotment of credits, earn more credits while surfing, get more credits from referrals and are able to post more ads.

How to Succeed With MLM

The secret to success is promoting your affiliate program(s). Tell others about your program. Use creative ways to promote your affiliate program(s). Use banners on your website to attract the attention of your visitors. Offer bonuses for people who join your affiliate program. Let people know that you are willing to answer there questions and help them to become successful. Your success depends on their success, so do what you can to help them succeed.

You have to get people to join the affiliate program and then to upgrade to paid membership in order for you to get commission. The affiliate programs are geared to give a gentle nudge for free members to upgrade, but you really need to let your referrals know the benefits of upgrading and guide them to get their own referrals.

One of the ways you can help your referrals is to provide a newsletter or ecourse that will explain the benefits or the affiliate program. You could set up an autoresponder for your referrals and then email them the link to sign up for the newsletter. Some autoresponder services provide a way for email sign ups, and then you would only need to give them the email address for the sign up. Make sure you create a series of messages that span a few weeks. Highlight the benefits of upgrading and also give tips for them to get their own referrals.

Check out Plug In Profits. This is a great way to promote 5 Affiliate Programs. Your goal should be to get more then one stream of income. If you only have one stream of income, then what will happen if that source is cut off? This is like having a job (1 income stream) and then getting laid off. When you have multiple streams of income, then you are not as severely affected when 1 stream is cut off. The Plug In Profit program will help you to set up a web host account and get a domain name. Then you will have your new website loaded for you that will promote the 5 Affiliate Programs. Your website will also have an opt-in form that will help you build your own list of potential customers. You will also be instructed on how to set up an Autoresponder account, which will be pre-loaded with messages to promote the Plug In Profits program using your affiliate link.



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