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How To Use Traffic Exchanges To Make Money Online

You can make money online by using a Traffic Exchange.  When you surf a Traffic Exchange you will see that a lot of people use the Traffic Exchange to promote their Affiliate Program directly.  The webpage that they choose to direct traffic to is the sign up page for the Affiliate Program.

I agree that you can make money by getting people to sign up for an Affiliate Program.  The problem is that most people will see the same webpage being shown by many people in the Traffic Exchange.  The conversion rate is the ratio of people that click on the call to action divided by the total number of people that open the webpage.  The conversion rate will be very low for this strategy.

How much is your time and efforts worth to you?

Most people use Traffic Exchanges because they are free.  To get credits you must surf other people’s webpages.  This is how you build credits to show your webpage.  You can spend a few hours a day surfing the Traffic Exchange to build up your credits.

What would you rather show for those few hours every day?  A few sign ups for your Affiliate Program every month, or a few hundred opt-ins for your AutoResponder?

Of those few sign ups for your Affiliate Program you may only get a small percentage to actually buy into the program after they try the free trial.  This means that you may not even make any commission on the few people that joined the Affiliate Program.  After spending countless hours surfing the Traffic Exchange you do not even make a commission.

Now what if you directed your Traffic Exchange traffic to your squeeze page or opt-in page instead?  Potentially you could get hundreds of people to opt-in to your AutoResponder list every month.  Unlike your Affiliate Program sign up page, you can make small changes to your squeeze page to get higher conversion rates.

You could offer free downloads that have a higher perceived value and this could increase your opt-ins.  You could create several squeeze pages with small changes to test conversion rates.  You could create different squeeze pages with different free offers that will appeal to more people.

Why is an opt-in list better?

Which is better a few sign ups for an Affiliate program that may not even pay for the full membership, or building your opt-in list?  Once you get people to opt-in to your AutoResponder, then you can send them useful information on a set interval.  You can put some soft sell offers in with the information.  You can also send them some straight out offers, but I would not send those type of messages as often as the soft sell messages.

You could promote your Affiliate Programs, Affiliate Products, your own products, or any other product or service that can make money for you.  Using your list in this way will make money for you.  You have the potential to make $1 for every person on your opt-in list every month.  The bigger your list the more money you could make every month.

People that join an Affiliate Program through your AutoResponder messages are more likely to buy into the Affiliate Program.  They are also more likely to learn from your methods and use the methods to get people to join under them.  You only make money in an Affiliate Program when people that join under you are successful.

To really benefit from the Traffic Exchange you also need to promote the Traffic Exchange.  You can get free credits from the people that join under you.  You can also earn commissions from the people that upgrade from the free membership.  When you get enough people to join under you, then you will be able to upgrade to the highest membership and not have to pay anything out of pocket.

Make sure you direct your traffic to your squeeze page.  This is how you can use Traffic Exchanges to make Money Online.



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