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If the World is a Program

When we first learn geography we learn about how the world first came into existence. Some say that the Earth owes it's existence to a massive supernova while some others say that it is just one of God's beautiful creation. I have an ideology of my own which supports neither of the two yet in some way or the other resembles each belief.

What if the world was a program? Imagine time as a snippet of code that changes the environment and the components located within it after every CPU clock cycle. Let's think object-oriented for a while. Now, I belong to a class MALE which inherits its properties from class HUMAN which in turn also inherits its properties and methods from class MAMMAL. Class MAMMAL can also be derived from class LIVING_THING. On the other hand a wooden chair belongs to a class MADE_OF_WOOD inherited from class CHAIR that inherits its properties from class Non-Living.

We all have studied at least the basics of Chemistry. Every element is an object of its respective class containing atoms of class ATOM which contains electrons, protons, neutrons, positrons etc. also of their respective classes.

Compounds would have their own classes that would look similar to the code snippet given below:

class COMPOUND {
enum nature={"acidic","basic","amphoteric","nuetral"};
float pH;
// etc...

Genetics is an interesting subject that is similar to inheritance in classes. When a child is born his/her MALE or FEMALE class will have genes as its data members, which would inherit all it's genes partly from his/her mother and partly from the father. This also shows that the class CHILD shows multiple inheritance since the declaration would be like this:

class CHILD:private FATHER,MOTHER {

The genes would be initialized in the constructor of the class i.e. The function would be called when the body first comes to existence in the mother's womb. Just like how a constructor is called when a living thing is born, a destructor would be similarly called when an object dies i.e. ceases to exist. The Destructor would then deallocate memory that was occupied by the living object and it would also contain the code for the object's decomposing or disintegration depending whether it belongs to NON_LIVING or LIVING class.

Besides all these factors there are some questions that remain unanswered. If the world really is a program which programming language is it written in? If it was written in Java does it mean that each and every class in the world are derived from the 'Object' class?

Since a program has to be written, who wrote it? Just like every other program, does it have bugs, vulnerabilities that can be exploited? Meanwhile another question came to my mind and it was a slightly scary question. And my question was that if the world was just like any other program....


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