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Design and Create Your Own Personal Website

Most people today are considering the Internet as a way to make extra money to make ends meet with the soaring cost of Gas, food, and utilities. When you are barely making ends meet as it is and the price of everything goes through the roof, what can you do? My post from yesterday dealt more with creating a personal website, so today I will address creating a website to make money online.

There are many free ways to get a website or a webpage, but if you want to make money online the best way is to have your own website. The cost to have your own website can be as little as $4.95US per month if you pay for more then one year when you you sign up. For $120US you can have your own website paid up for two years. You can find this deal at IX Web Hosting, and you also get one free domain name for the two years. I recommend that you select the Linux OS Server to host your account, because you will have more features that you can use and full PHP compatibility. You can see that it does not cost a lot of money to get your own website hosting account.

Most web hosting companies will provide a server side software to help you design and create your own website, but there are limitations as far as the number of templates that you can use and the graphics that are available. You can also use some free software to create your own website and to upload your website to your web hosting server.

I personally use Free Website Builder to design and create my own html webpages for my own websites. This is a free software program that you can download and install on your own computer. You can use the What You See Is What You Get editor, which is very easy to use and displays the webpage as it will appear online. This software also has a script editor so you can add scripts directly to your HTML code for your website. If you know how to code in HTML you could create the whole website from this editor. This feature is handy for adding Google Analytics tracking script to your webpage. This will also be how you would need to add your Opt-in Form code from your AutoResponder service provider. For a free program, there are a lot of useful features.

I personally use Smart FTP to upload my website files to my web hosting server. This is a free software program that you can download and install on your own computer. You will need to set up this program with the FTP information for your web hosting server as well as the login information to access and upload files to your web hosting server. Once this is set up you will not need to do any more set up, unless you get a web hosting account with another company or you get an additional account with the same company. The best feature with this software is the transfer cache, because you just click and drag files into the cache, then click and drag the files to the folder you want to upload to on your web hosting server and then it does the rest automatically.

I personally use TS Web Editor to design, create, and edit PHP webpages. This is a free software program that you can download and install on your computer. There is a tool to find syntax errors and other problems that may make your webpage not function right. This will not be as easy to use as the Free Website Builder, because this does not have a What You See Is What You Get editor and is all codes and scripts. Like anything else, once you learn how to work with the codes and scripts you find it much easier to use this software program.

Why Should You Create Your Own Personal Website?

Some people can make money online without having their own website and it is possible to do so. There are all sorts of free services that you can use to post articles, videos and audios that will help you to promote an Affiliate Program and products that you could make commission when someone makes a purchase through your link. This is a long hard road and may not be the best choice.

Most Internet Marketers will agree that the true money is in your list. The list they are referring to is an Opt-in List that you create by posting an Opt-in Form on your website that visitors can enter their name and email address. By having your own website it makes it easier to build your list. You can have your Opt-in Form on every page on your website and this will increase the exposure. You can write a mini sales page called a squeeze page that will give information about the newsletter, e-zine, email course or other features that your visitor will gain by giving you their name and email address. Then you would direct traffic to the squeeze page through your advertising and promotional efforts. You could also offer a free gift to sweeten the deal and to encourage people to give you their name and email address.

It has been shown through experimentation that most consumers will not make a purchase unless they have been exposed to the advertisement or product 7 times or more. Most people stumble upon a website through a search or following a link, but do not make a purchase before they leave. Once they leave most people will not be back to that website. By getting the visitors name and email address, you now have a way to remind the visitor of your website, your products and/or servcies. By sending them a series of email messages that offer useful information about the topic of your website, you can also include links to your website, or your sales page. By doing this you can expose your list to your product and/or service more then 7 times and this may give you more sales.

Once you have a list of potential buyers, then you could send them useful information in email messages that is followed by a product or service that you are offering yourself or are promoting through an affiliate program. You can see the value of having an Opt-in List.

There are many more reasons why you may consider designing and creating your own personal website. It is my sincere hope that the information that I have provided through my Blog will help you make money online by creating your own website.



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