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Search Engine Optimization - Attract The Only Search Engines That Matter

More than half of all online sales are the direct result of search engine results.  More and more people are using the search engines to find products and services online.  Wouldn’t it be great to get a portion of those sales for yourself?  This is why Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is so important to you and your success online.


Google is by far the top of all Search Engines.  Google has more web pages indexed in their database than any other search engine.  There is an estimated 89.8 Million searches every day.  This is approximately 43.7% of all searches made online. Google offers a wide range of services to help webmasters to promote their websites.

Google ranks your web pages based on relevance of information on each web page.  Search Engine Optimization will help you have a higher ranking.  Web page ranking also depends on the popularity of your web page and how many links to your web page come from other websites.

Google AdWords is the top Pay Per Click (PPC) program online.  Your success and the amount of money you Pay Per Click depends heavily on Search Engine Optimization.  If your website is not designed with SEO in mind then you will end up paying a lot more for each click.  Your advertisement may not be shown as much, because your advertisement will be so far from the top that people may never see your advertisement.

Google AdSense is a way for webmasters to make money through showing advertisements on their website.  This is an Affiliate program that pays you for every click you get on the advertisements shown on your website.  These are the same Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertisements that are shown on the Google search results pages.  The advertisements are selected automatically based on the relevant information on your web page.  You copy and paste code on your web pages that display the advertisements and the rest is done automatically.

The amount of money you get for each click depends on the keywords and key phrases that are used to display the advertisements.  By selecting higher paying keywords and key phrases you can generate higher commissions per click.  By providing good information that people will want to read you increase the amount of traffic to your web page and this will mean that the advertisements are seen by more people.  These things all contribute to making higher commission per click.

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that will help you monitor the traffic to your website.  You can find a lot of information about the visitors to your website.  You can see what Operating System they are using, what web browser they are using, what website directed them to your website, what search term(s) they used, what web pages they visited on your website, how long they stayed on your website and if they have ever been to your website before.

This is all very useful information that will help you build and tweak your website or web pages to attract more people and make them stay longer.  For example if you see that people are coming to your web page by searching for a related keyword or key phrase, then you could design a new web page that highlights that keyword or key phrase.  This way you will be providing good information about the things that people are searching for.

You will want to come back tomorrow to read part two of this series to find out about the other Search Engines that matter and how to attract them with Search Engine Optimization.  In the mean time you could check out this that will help you make money with your own website!

I wish you success in all your legitimate business ventures and in your every day life too!



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