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Is There Anyone Out There?

There is a common belief among new people on the Internet that if you build a website, then people will just flock to it. This is not always the case. Sometimes it requires some work to get people to come to your website. It also takes some time and patience.

The search engines can be a great source of traffic to your website. Once you have your website online and functional, then you need to submit your website address or URL to the search engines. Submit your URL to the top three search engines; Google, MSN and Yahoo. You can also submit your URL to Alexa and DMOZ to make sure you get listed with the most search engines possible. It is not necessary to submit to every search engine out there. Other search engines will use one of the above sources to gather information for their search results.

It will take up to a month before you get listed on the search engines using the above links. You can help this along by providing a Sitemap for the search engines to use when they crawl your website. The design of your website and the navigational links between webpages will also help the search engines to crawl your website.

The routines called “Spiders”, used to crawl a website are complex. The “Spider” will look at the code for your website and add certain key information from your website into the database for the search engine. The “Spider” will count the number of times words and phrases are repeated on each webpage. The more times a word or phrase are repeated shows the relevance of the word of phrase to your webpage. The “Spider” also checks every link that it encounters and looks at the webpage that is linked.

How Can You Get Listed Faster?

You can get listed with the search engines faster by getting a link to your webpage from a high traffic website. This can be done by submitting articles to Article Directories that have a high page rank with Google. You can also post comments or articles in Forums that have a high page rank with Google. Make sure you use a signature with your link to the webpage you want to get listed faster. The search engines will crawl a high traffic website more often, especially if new content is being added to the website on a regular basis.

Once the “Spider” comes across your link, then your website will get crawled starting with the webpage you link to. Make sure you have links from that webpage to at least your home page. Make sure your home page links to all parts of your website that you want listed with the search engines.

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