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Traffic Generation For Your Website Through Article Marketing

Getting traffic to your website should be one of your primary concerns. Without traffic then you will have very little success with Internet Marketing. If you are like me when I first started out online, then you do not have a large amount of money to throw at Google AdWords or other paid advertising methods. How can you get traffic to your website without paying a lot of money for advertising?

Search Engines

Getting a high page ranking with the search engines will help get your webpages higher in the search results. Ranking # 1 in a search result is a very good thing, because then you will get traffic to your website from the millions of people that use the search engines everyday to find information. You also need to make sure your website is Search Engine Friendly (SEF) and Search Engine Optimized (SEO). You can find out more about SEF and SEO by clicking on the letters SEO in the Tag Cloud or by selecting Search Engine Optimization in the Categories drop down menu.

This post will focus on page ranking and how to get a higher page ranking with the search engines. The best way to get a higher page ranking is to get many link backs from websites that have high page ranking already. I am about to share with you a great way to get these links and best of all it is free!

Article Marketing

You may be wondering what is article marketing. This is when you use articles that you write or have written for you to promote your website, webpage, product(s) or service(s). You can also use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles for this purpose, but you must make significant changes to the PLR article in order to use it for this purpose. It is best to use original content that has not been already used thousands or millions of times by others.

Select articles that compliment what you want to promote. You can use broad topics to promote your website, but use more specific article topics to promote a single webpage or a single product. Select a keyword or key phrase for the topic, then use the targeted keyword or key phrase to SEO your webpage that you want to promote. Make sure the keyword or key phrase is used several times in the content of the article and in the title of the article.

Forums and Groups

Then you need to do a Google search for forums or discussion groups that relate to your topic. Search for “topic + forum” and insert your topic and use the + sign and the quotation marks as shown. This will narrow your search. I would recommend using FireFox as your web browser and use the Add-on called SEOQuake. These tools are invaluable for finding a high page ranking website.

As you search for the forums and groups using FireFox with SEOQuake added and enabled, you will notice the Google Page Rank is shown with every search result. It is the first statistic in the SEOQuake bar shown directly under the search result and has a “g PR” for the label. You want to find forums and groups that have a page ranking of 5 or above. The higher this number the better for you.

Open the links from the search results in a separate tab so you do not loose your search results. Bookmark the forum or group so you can return often. Sign up or register for an account with the forum or group. Make sure you read and understand the rules and guidelines for posting on the forum or group. Create a bio if available and make sure you create a signature with your name, website and promotional link. Here is an example:

You Can Make Money Online With Your Own Website - Find Out How!

Check Out My Blog

You may have up to 5 lines of text for your signature depending on the forum or group. Start out by making some replies or comments to other posts. Try to appear helpful and knowledgable about the topics of the forum or group. Never spam or post repeated promotions with no good content. I am sure you have seen something like:

good post!

Check out my website……..

People will become annoyed with such posted comments and you could get banned from the forum or group. Look for topics that ask a question, and then try to answer the question if you can. This will build credibility and get you a positive impression with the regulars. After a few comment posts, then you can try an article post or a topic post. Most forums or groups do not allow active links in the body of the post only in you bio and signature. Make sure you follow the rules and guidelines for each forum or group.

Let’s consider other ways to use article marketing to generate traffic for your website.

Article Directory

You can find article directories on a wide range of topics. Some article directories cover a large range of topics, while others cover a specific topic or topics. You can do a Google search to find “article directory” or you can narrow your search by adding your topic to the search. Use “topic + article directory” for your specific search and include the + sign and the quotation marks. If you use FireFox web browser and the Add-on SEOQuake while searching, then you will know the Google Page Rank for the website. Look for Article Directories with a Page Rank of 5 or more. The higher the better.

Ezine Articles is a common general topic article directory with a Google Page Rank of 6. You will notice there is a wide range of topics in this article directory.

Article Dashboard is a common general topic article directory with a Google Page Rank of 6. You will notice there is a wide range of topics in this article directory.

Most article directories will require you to register for an account before you can post any articles. Make sure you read and understand the rules and guidelines of the article directory before you submit any articles. You should create a bio about yourself and include some active links to your website or blog if the article directory allows them. You should also create a signature with active links to the webpage that you are promoting.

Most article directories will not allow active links in the content of the article, so you need to have them in you signature and in your bio if allowed. If the article directory does not allow any active links, then do not waste your time posting articles. Some turn off links, but may not mention this. I would advise you post 1 article to srat with and see if the link is active in the posted article author box or signature. If the link is not active, then it will not give you any help in your Page Rank of your website or webpage.

Social Media

You can post articles, photos, audio files and video files on many Social Media websites. It is a good idea to use these websites, because many have very high Page Ranks and have millions of visitors every day. This is a great way to get visitors directly from the website and increase your Page Rank for more search engine traffic. A two-for!

Associated Content is a social media website with a Google Page Rank of 6. You can post text articles, images, audio or video on any topic you choose. They also have a feature called “Calls for Content” that makes requests for specific content.

Squidoo is a social media website with a Google Page Rank of 6. You can post text articles, images, embed galleries from Flickr, and embed videos from YouTube.

The focus is on article marketing, so I did not highlight the social media websites for video. The biggest is YouTube with a Google Page Rank of 9! Video is a great way to increse traffic to your website.

Start Your Own Article Directory

This is a great way to increase the content on your website. It is very easy to do. You can download and use the same scripts that Article Dashboard uses on their website. You can download the files from Here. There are instructions to help you set up your own article directory. You can post articles yourself and you can promote the website for others to contribute their articles. By having others provide articles you will increase the content on your website with very little work.

It may take a year or more to build your Page Rank as high as some of the other article directories. You can speed up the process by having an RSS Feed Link. Other websites can use your feed to list the articles from your directory and you will get a back link from their website.



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