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Use Articles to Bring Traffic to Your Website

Yesterday’s post considered using search engines to bring traffic to your website. Today’s post will be on a similar topic. You can use articles to bring traffic to your website. Write articles about topics that relate to your products or services that you offer. Post the articles online at article directories that have content related to your topic(s). Make sure you put your name and website URL at the bottom of the article or use the author information box if the directory uses them.

Most article directories will allow one or two URLs listed in your author information, but they may not allow URLs or links in the body of the article. You need to make sure that you follow the guidelines for posting with each of the article directories you use.

You can also post articles and information in posts on discussion boards and forums. You may want to start out by posting comments to other posts to start with to get your name known by the people in the group, before you post a full article. Make sure you create a signature for your posts and include your website URL. This way you will get your name seen as well as your website.

As you build a positive reputation in the group and become known for making good and useful comments. Then you may consider giving expanded comments and making changes to your signature to include links to your product webpages. When you feel you are ready then you can make your first post. After you have started many topic posts, then you may consider adding links in the body, is allowed in the group that take readers to a webpage on your website that will give more information about the topic. You need to make sure you follow the guidelines for posting for each discussion group or forum that you post at.

Another thing to consider is that some article directories, discussion groups, and forums do not allow active backlinks. Try making a single comment post and then see if your URL is active, before you waste time making a bunch of posts that will not help you. The goal of making the posts is to bring traffic to your website, so only active links will work.

The links do two things to bring traffic to your website. First, people will read your article and click on the link to your website. Second, the link will be seen by the search engines and this will count as a backlink and help your ranking with the search engines.

Another benefit is that the search engine may crawl your website faster from a backlink on a popular article directory or forum, than they would from simply submitting your URL. This is because when you submit your URL it gets added to a list. There is a greater chance that the search engine will see the link on a popular website and crawl it in a much shorter time frame.

Check back tomorrow, because the next post will be about social media websites.

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