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Visual Basic 6 Articles

Why Visual Basic 6 is like McDonalds

Explains why VB6 is like McDonalds, and why C# is like a supermarket + a gourmet chef.

Optimizing and Improving your Code

Everyone wants to write nice, fast programs. But most people don't. Here is a list of 8 items to improve the readability, debug-ability and spead of your VB6 applications. Many of these concepts can be used in every other language.

Visual Basic .NET Articles

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Testing and Debugging Windows Services and Web Services in .NET Framework

Testing and debugging is an important factor in the application development life cycle. Various tools provided by the .NET Framework are implemented in an application in order to test and debug the application so that its efficiency can be measured before deploying it.

C# vs. VB.Net – It’s Just Syntax!

Since the .Net languages came out, there have been many holy wars between C# and VB.Net. Which is better? Which is more reliable? Which pays more? Which makes better coffee? If you would have asked me that question last month, I would have said C# (for everything but the coffee… Java wins that round).

C++ Articles

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20 issues of porting C++ code on the 64-bit platform.

[i]Annotation. Program errors occurring while porting C++ code from 32-bit platforms on 64-bit ones are observed. Examples of the incorrect code and the ways to correct it are given. Methods and . . .

Java Articles

Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME)

J2ME stands for Java 2 Micro Edition. This platform of Java is used to develop applications for resource constraint devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, set top boxes, etc.

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A Closer Look at Methods in Java

A method is a set of statements grouped together to perform a specific task. It is written to define the behavior of an object or a class.

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Interfaces in Java

In Java, a class can have at the most one immediate superclass. Multiple inheritance, where a class has more than one superclass, is not allowed in Java. However, one cannot ignore the importance of multiple inheritance because a large number of real-life applications require the use of multiple inheritance. Java provides an alternative approach to support multiple inheritance by introducing a new data type known as interfaces. Although a class cannot inherit multiple classes, it can implement more than one interface.

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String Handling in Java

The String class is defined in the java.lang package and hence is implicitly available to all the programs in Java. The String class is declared as final, which means that it cannot be subclassed. It extends the Object class and implements the Serializable, Comparable, and CharSequence interfaces.

SQL Articles

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Treatment of NULLs by Oracle & SQL Server

A short article describing how SQL Server and Oracle differ when it comes to ordering data in SELECT statements.

What is a SQL Server Temporary Table?

A high level explanation of SQL Server temporary tables for those unfamiliar with them.

Why do I Want to Use a JOIN Clause?

An introduction to joins followed by a more detailed explanation of why you want your join in the FROM clause and not the WHERE clause.

C# Articles

Whizlabs MCSD .NET 70-316 Certification Primer

This article will provide a basic understanding of the scope of the certification and will also give details about the certification along with the useful resources to get started.

General Articles

Overview of Contract Programming

There are lots of avenues you can take to becoming a contract programmer. But before we explore some of those, you need to find out what you intend to do.

Introduction to Game Programming

So you want to write the next big first-person massively multiplayer online role playing game with puzzle elements and lots of processor-hogging special effects, but don't know where to start.

A Bit of Logic: Understanding Bytes and Bits

Logic... All computers are based on logic. The fundamental building block of a computer is the bit. To interact with bits we need to use? Logic of course. Boolean logic and bits are both very simplistic, while some of the topics we have covered may seem confusing, the more you use them the more they make sense.

If the World is a Program

When we first learn geography we learn about how the world first came into existence. Some say that the Earth owes it's existence to a massive supernova while some others say that it is just one of God's beautiful creation. I have an ideology of my own which supports neither of the two yet in some way or the other resembles each belief.

Issues and Consideration of GUI Development

A graphical user interface (GUI) is an interface to a system that uses more than just text on the screen. It can use pointers (such as light pens, mice, trackball, or touch screens) voice and audio commands, and various other tools.

Are naming conventions really necessary when programming?

Are naming conventions really necessary when programming? There is a lot of debate over this topic. Are naming conventions really worth it? Aren't they a hassle to learn and use? Can't you code quicker if you don't using naming conventions?

What is Contract Programming? An Alternative to the Conformity of Everyday Employment

What is contract programming, you ask? Well, when companies need specific computer programming expertise, for temporary periods of time, they generally hire a contract programmer or an employee of a consulting firm. Contractors almost always have a higher hourly wage than a salaried employee and are often paid for overtime.

Generalization/Specialization in Object-Oriented Programming

The greatest thing about object-oriented programming is code reuse. However, making code reusable isn’t always the easiest to do. You have to use a different mindset when coding. One such option is . . .

Intelligent Business Object Implementation

This article discusses a model of how to build a Three-Tier application that access a database. Implementing this model leads to building a system that is fully database independent and allows building complex GUI without worry about object handling and database operations.

Web Development Articles

SSI: Why and How to Use Server Side Includes

If you are a webmaster or a website owner and have not yet used server side includes (SSI), I am about to make your life soooo much easier. SSI can save you a lot of time updating your site. Set them up right at the beginning and you will be forever grateful that somebody thought up SSI. In this article we will look at what SSI is, why it makes life so easy, and exactly how to set up SSI on your website...and then I'll share two little bonus tricks I've discovered.

Web Developer/Designer Tool Kit: Part 1 - Browsers and Text Editors

If you're pretty handy with designing and developing websites or even if you're just getting started in this field one of the most important things to have is a "Web Tool Kit". . . .

Web Developer/Designer Tool Kit: Part 2 - Other Tools

Code Library Over the years you'll find that you're reusing code much like any programming language. It's nice to start out by setting up a code library for yourself so that . . .

Website Development

I was asked a while back about the steps involved in developing a website. While it may seem like a simple answer to come up with, there should always be a method for the madness. So what steps do you need to follow? Well there are no rules for this and everyone has his or her own method, but finding a method that works well for you can take some time.

Guide to Web Development- Level 1: Introduction/Novice

How to get started in the areas of web design, web programming, and web development.

Guide to Web Development- Level 2: Basic

How to get started in the areas of web design, web programming, and web development. Part 2: Tables, Lists, Colors, and Forms. Suggested links for further reading.

Guide to Web Development- Level 3: Proficient

How to get started in the areas of web design, web programming, and web development. Part 3: XHTML, and CSS - Cascading Style Sheets. Suggested links for further reading.

Guide to Web Development- Level 4: Expert/Advanced

How to get started in the areas of web design, web programming, and web development. Part 4: Bugs/Hacks, Researching Solutions. Suggested links for further reading.

JavaScript Articles

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Control Structures

Most of the programming languages use control structures to control the flow of a program. The control structures include decision-making and loops. Decision-making is done by applying different conditions in the program. If the conditions are true, the statements following the condition are executed. The values in a condition are compared by using the comparison operators.

Apache Configuration Files Articles

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A Closer Look at Methods

A method is a set of statements grouped together to perform a specific task. It is written to define the behavior of an object or a class.


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