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What Is The Importance In Setting Goals For Business Success?

Have you ever set out to loose weight?  Did you follow a diet?  Did you get advice from other people about how to loose weight?  Did you lose any weight?

If you are like me you might have lost a few pounds and kept it off for a while, then gained it all back.  Maybe you try another diet or another program.  Did you find yourself on a diet yo-yo?  Lost weight then gained it back, maybe gained more then you lost.

What is missing?  Did you think about setting a goal?  You may want to loose a certain number of pounds.  You may want to loose enough to fit in a special outfit or swimming suit.  You will find it easier to stick to a diet or a weight lose program if you set a goal.

What Is Your Goal In Life?

Have you ever considered what you want to get out of your life?  You may want to become debt free.  You may want to set aside enough money to live comfortably in retirement.  You may want to retire early so you can enjoy life, while you are still able to.

My Father wanted these things and he also wanted to travel and see the country after he retired.  The problem was that my Father never set goals.  In his mind he was content with working from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm every day.  He never saw himself doing anything else for a living.  I remember once that he wanted to build a garage and work on cars.  In our state (Pennsylvania at the time) an annual inspection of all vehicles was required.  He had a vision of starting an inspection station and even paid for my brother to get certified.  He didn’t think that he was smart enough to pass the written test.

The problem was that he never completed the project.  He did not follow through with his plan.  I believe it is because he liked to work on cars and did not consider it a way to make money.  He did not charge people enough money to even cover his expenses.  He thought he was doing them a favor and helping them out.  Had he charged a little more, then he could have covered his expenses and could have stayed in business.  Had he charged a fair amount for both himself and the clients, then he could have been in business longer and helped more people.  He did not set a goal for what he wanted from the business.  He did not follow through with building the business beyond just helping out friends and relatives.

The sad part is that my Father lost his garage and the house that he had built with his own hands.  Then he died a horrible death from Cancer.  I am sure that he wanted so much more from his life.  He had visions, but he never considered himself as a business owner.  He never set goals.  He never just took the plunge and make the business work.

You need to set goals.  You need to follow through and make the goals a reality.  Setting goals can help you in all aspects of your life.  If you want to loose weight set a goal, then do what you can to achieve it.  If you want to start a business set a goal and the follow through.  The secret to business success is to set specific goals for yourself and for your business.  Never consider yourself not smart enough.  If you are lacking in a certain skill that you require to make your business succeed, then make it a goal to learn that skill.

My Father looked forward to retirement so that he could have time to travel.  The problem was that he did not set goals.  You need to have money saved up for retirement.  You need to set goals about how much money you need to make your dreams a reality.  Do not be content with where you are, always strive for more, strive for better.  The goal gives you something to look forward to and keeps you moving towards the goal.

Do not set a goal to save enough money to retire, instead set the goal of having a specific amount saved up and then you will retire.  Start out by setting long term goals for yourself, then set goals that are not as long term, but yet will help you get to the long term goals.  Finally think about setting short term goals that are easily obtainable and that will help you reach the medium term goals and the long term goals.  Plan things out in advance, but do not over plan.  You need to start reaching for the goals as soon as possible.

More About Setting Goals For Business Success

Have you ever tried to build something?  Maybe you tried to put together a grill or a bike.  Did you use the instruction book?  Did you see a picture of what the item was supposed to look like?  Could you imagine trying to put together a large project without any instructions or without a clear picture of what the final structure will look like?

This is exactly what most people try to do when they start a business.  They have big plans for the business, or at least for the large sums of money that they are looking forward to.  Yet most do not have a blueprint for their business.  Most do not have a business model.  How do you get from a dead end job to a successful business?

This is where clear and specific goals can help.  You need to start by considering what the long term goal is, because this is like the picture of your build it yourself project.  What do you hope to accomplish with your business?  What needs to happen before you consider your business a success?  These are questions that you need to ask yourself.

Then take a step back and consider what would need to happen just before you reach the long term goal.  It may sound silly, but you need to un-build the final structure in order to see how to put it together.  It helps to model your business after another person’s business.  Then you can back trace the steps that they took and see how to get from where you are now to where they are.

Once you have un-assembled the structure, then you can see where to start.  What needs to be done next and so on.  You can then proceed in a logical manner and set milestones or markers to check your progress.  These are your goals.  Short term goals that lead to the mid term goals.  Mid term goals that lead to the long term goal.

You need to establish a routine and do your best to stick to that routine.  It is so easy to become distracted and then you find yourself wasting time on a trivial matter that is taking time away from the things that need to be done to move ahead to the next milestone.  Keeping your eye on the prize can be hard, especially when the prize is a long way off.  Set your sights on reaching the short term goals, then the mid term goals do not look so far off.

Check your goals every day to see what your progress is.  Establish new short term goals when the first ones are reached.  Always make a goal that works towards the next goal.  As you learn more you may need to adjust your direction and change your short term goals accordingly.  If you stumble, then pick yourself up and move on.  If you reach a wall, then find a way to go around it or over it.

Never sell yourself short and never be afraid to ask for help.  It is not a sign of weakness or a sign of incompetence. I have a saying that I like to repeat, “Easy is what you know.”  When you are just starting out you can not expect to be able to do every thing.  Even the expert Internet Marketers ask questions of other people and ask for help.  Concentrate on what you know and build on what you know.  If you get stuck, then ask for help.

It has been my goal to learn something new every day of my life.  You should never stop learning.  You should always seek to better yourself.  These suggestions will help you build your business, strengthen your relationships, and enrich your life.



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