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Where Can You Get Content For Your Website

Good quality content can make or break your website. Search engines will add your webpages to their databases. People will flock to your website and will tell others about it, because the content is useful and abundant. Other websites will link to your webpages, because your content is unique and useful. How do you get good content for your website?

Text content is best for search engines to notice your website. You can use text content for Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. You can write the content yourself or have others write it for you. Each webpage should be written to target specific keywords or keyphrases that you want that webpage to rank higher for on the search engine result pages. The keyword or keyphrase for that webpage should appear in the title of the webpage, in the footer of the webpage and repeated in the body of the webpage. The number of times that you will repeat the keyword or keyphrase depends on the number of words on the whole webpage. The ratio of times the keyword or keyphrase is repeated divided by the number of words on the whole webpage times 100 is the keyword density for the webpage. Keyword density should be between 2% and 5%. This will blend your target keyword or keyphrase with the text of your content and not detract from the content. A higher keyword density will not seem as natural to the reader and will take away from the topic of the content.

The goal of the content for your website is to attract people to your website. You want the content to reach out and pull your visitor into your website, making them want to stay and look through your website. Think of it as a treasure hunt. People like to find hidden treasures. Make your treasures stand out so that people can find them.

Private Label Rights or PLR for short are digital information products that give you rights to use the information as content for your website. You can buy PLR articles to use on your website. You can find PLR articles by doing a Google search for “PLR articles”. If you plan on using PLR articles for your content, then you should make changes to the wording of the article to make the content unique. If you do not make the content unique, the you will be defeating your purpose.

Image content can be another way to get content for your website. People like to view images, especially images that follow the topic of the website. You could host a photo gallery of travel photos for a website that deals with travel niches. You could host a photo gallery of dog photos for a website relating to dog products. What ever your niche topic you could have photos that relate to it. When you use photos or any images on your website, make sure you use alternate text for each image. Use text to describe each image. Google does list images in their search results when selected, but you still want to use text for SEO. Make sure you do not load up the webpage with too many images, because it will take a long time for the webpage to load, especially if your visitor is using a dial-up connection.

When posting images on your website, make sure you have the rights to do so. Do not post copyrighted material on your website, unless you like to go to court and pay huge fines. It is best to post only images that you get from your own camera or you create. When using other people’s images, make sure you have a written statement from them that they have the copyright on the image(s) and are giving you the right to post on your website.

Audio content can be used on your website. Make sure you give controls to your visitor to Play, Stop, or Pause the audio playback. Do not have the audio just turn on when they open the page and then loop the whole time they are on your webpage. This could be a great way to get rid of your visitors, especially if they do not like your choice of audio. Audio content will also eat up your bandwidth and may cause you to go over the limits of your web hosting package.

Video content can be used on your website for information or for entertainment value. People love video. Make sure you give controls to your visitor to Play, Stop, or Pause the video playback. If your visitor is using dial-up, then your video could be too much for their connection speed. Video content will eat up even more bandwidth then audio content, because video files are much bigger.

The best way to add video content to your website is to embed video that is hosted on another website. You could upload your video to a website such as YouTube and then use the code that YouTube will provide to embed the video on your webpage. This is a great way to save bandwidth on your server, because the video is not on your server. The webpage just mimics the video as if it was on your server.

These are just some of the ways to get content for your website. The only limitation is your imagination. I am sure you can think of some other ways to get great content for your website. Just remember to keep with the topic of your website and give your visitors something they can use and want to pass on to their friends and family too.



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