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Background Colour changer - Web Development

A small row of colors that can be placed on any webpage. It will cause the background color to change in accordance with where the mouse is placed.



<table border="1">
<td onmouseover="document.bgColor='#006699';" bgcolor="#006699" width="8" height="8"></td>
<td onmouseover="document.bgColor='black';" bgcolor="black" width="8" height="8"></td>
<td onmouseover="document.bgColor='red';" bgcolor="red" width="8" height="7"></td>
<td onmouseover="document.bgColor='green';" bgcolor="green" width="8" height="7"></td>
<td onmouseover="document.bgColor='white';" bgcolor="white" width="8" height="8"></td>



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