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Get Current Working Directory - C++

The GetCurrentPath function is a C++ function to return the current working directory. Generally this is the application path, but it can be different if using a shortcut with a different "Start in" path.

#include <direct.h> // for getcwd
#include <stdlib.h> // for MAX_PATH
#include <iostream.h> // for cout and cin

// function to return the current working directory
// this is generally the application path
void GetCurrentPath(char* buffer)
getcwd(buffer, _MAX_PATH);

void main()

// _MAX_PATH is the maximum length allowed for a path
char CurrentPath[_MAX_PATH];
// use the function to get the path

// display the path for demo purposes only
char temp[_MAX_PATH];
cout << CurrentPath << endl;
cout << "Press Enter to continue";

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