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Multithreading with C++ - C++

Josh Fruits

A sample multithreading application with C++. This app will create three additional threads, and wait for all of them to close before completion.

// Project : MultiThread Sample Code
// Author : Josh Fruits
// Website :
// Date : May 16, 2003
// Comments :
// Description : This is a demonstration of using multithreading in your c++ app
// You may freely use and distribute this code
// For ease of posting, the header and source files have been combined
// To create the App:
// Create a Win32 Console App
// Add a C++ Source File
// Paste in the entire code block and compile

#include <windows.h>

//Header declarations
long WINAPI ThreadTwo(long lParam);
long WINAPI ThreadThree(long lParam);
long WINAPI ThreadFour(long lParam);

int main(void)
HANDLE hThread[3];
DWORD dwID[3];
DWORD dwRetVal = 0;

//before multithreading, do something to show the messagebox will
//stop processing in the current thread
MessageBox(NULL,"This messagebox will stop processing of the thread. No other \nmessageboxes will appear.","Main Messagebox", NULL);

//release the threads. Remember, ThreadOne is our main thread
hThread[0] = CreateThread(NULL,0,(LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)ThreadTwo,NULL,0,&dwID[0]);
hThread[1] = CreateThread(NULL,0,(LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)ThreadThree,NULL,0,&dwID[1]);
hThread[2] = CreateThread(NULL,0,(LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE)ThreadFour,NULL,0,&dwID[2]);

//Run the main thread as well
MessageBox(NULL,"This Messagebox is from Thread 1.","Messagebox", NULL);

//wait for all threads to complete before continuing
dwRetVal = WaitForMultipleObjects(3, hThread, TRUE, INFINITE);

//Display a messagebox to show that the Wait state has finished
MessageBox(NULL,"This Messagebox is to show that all threads have completed.","Messagebox", NULL);

//close handles

//end the main function
return 0;

long WINAPI ThreadTwo(long lParam)
MessageBox(NULL,"This Messagebox is from Thread 2.","Messagebox", NULL);
return 0;

long WINAPI ThreadThree(long lParam)
MessageBox(NULL,"This Messagebox is from Thread 3.","Messagebox", NULL);
return 0;

long WINAPI ThreadFour(long lParam)
MessageBox(NULL,"This Messagebox is from Thread 4.","Messagebox", NULL);
return 0;


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