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Processing the Command Line Arguments for VB.Net - Visual Basic .NET

Eric D. Burdo

This small section of code gives you the basics on how to process the command line arguments in VB.Net.

The command line arguments in VB.Net are an array... so you can use simple array commands to get each item. Then process them the way you want.

Public Sub Main(ByVal sArgs() As String)
'Note the declaration of the Sub Main line
'It has the sArgs parameter. This parameter is handled by
'the system, and contains any command line arguments.

If sArgs.Length = 0 Then 'If there are no arguments
Console.WriteLine("Hello World! <-no arguments passed->") 'Just output Hello World
Else 'We have some arguments
Dim i As Integer = 0

While i < sArgs..Length 'So with each argument
Console.WriteLine("Hello " & sArgs(i) & "!") 'Print out each item
i = i + 1 'Increment to the next argument
End While

End If

End Sub


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