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Programmer's Corner Search Plug-In

For Mozilla-Based Browsers
What Is This?

The Programmer's Corner Search Plug-In is a search plug in designed for Mozilla-based browsers (Firefox, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Beonex). Simply install the plug in and then select "Programmer's Corner" from the seach engine drop down list (see image) or in the sidebar search list. Fill in your term (or terms) and hit enter. The plug in will then search the Programmer's Corner website for content that matches your term (or terms).
How Do Install It?

First, make sure that you are visiting this page with a Mozilla-based browser. Then on the right you'll see an image that says "Install PC Search" - just click the image and the plug in will install in your browser. You're all set to go, no need to close and reopen your browsers!
How Do I Use It?

After you've intalled the plug in click on the current image in your search area and you should get a drop down list of installed search plug-ins. You should see Programmer's Corner along with an image. If the image is there right away, don't pick Programmer's Corner just yet. I found if you do select it then you can't get the list to drop down again. Which means you would need to remove the two files (see below) that were copied to you computer and reinstall the plug-in. If the image is there... select Programmer's Corner type in your term, hit enter and there you go.
How Do Uninstall It?

Clicking on the install button simply adds two files to the "searchplugins" directory for your browser. You should be able to find this directory in the directory where you installed the browser. Typically you can find the directory in:

On Windows: C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\searchplugins\

On Linux: /usr/lib/Mozilla/searchplugins

On Mac: /Mozilla/searchplugins/

On Mac OS X: /Applications/\

Those paths were taken from and may vary.

The two files that you will want to delete are: prgmcrnr.src and prgmcrnr.jpg

Remove those two files and when you restart your browser, the plug-in will be gone!
Install The PC Search Plug In

Install PC Search Plug-In
PC Search In Firefox
[Firefox PC Search Image]

The red arrow shows you where the search will be added in Firefox. Simply type in the term (or terms) you want to search Programmer's Corner for and hit enter.
PC Search In Netscape
[Netscape PC Search Image]

In Netscape 7, the PC Search will be added to your sidebar search drop down menu.

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