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Using a Custom Embedded Font to Jazz up your pages

How many times have you come across a site to find it using a specialized font to display the text? After a lot of searching, I found this to be a function of CSS. That might not be surprising for most of the experts out there, who know the vast capabilities that CSS is capable of. This special feature is @font-face, and it can easily spruce up boring web pages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: WHILE CSS IS USUALLY CROSS-BROWSER COMPATABLE, THE @FONT-FACE STYLE ONLY WORKS FOR INTERNET EXPLORER. There are demos on the WEFT website on step number 3 so you can test the outcome on alternative browsers.

The @font-face is more difficult to use than most of the other CSS function, as before you can use it, you must convert its style to .EOT extension, than upload it to your server.

1) To get started, you're going to have to download a font that you enjoy. There are plenty of great archives like Google for font downloads.
2) Once you have installed the font to the default font folder, create a test page such as:

<TITLE>Test Page</TITLE>
<FONT FACE="Your Font Here" SIZE=5> a b c d e f g </FONT>

Note that if you have spaces in your font, quotes must be used.
Save it as a .html file.
3) Download the Microsoft Program WEFT here and choose to install the optional database file.
4) Install it and it will ask you to compile a list of fonts, do so.
5) Fill out the information boxes with Name, and Email (to appear as comment line like <!-- /* $WEFT -- Created by: First Last ( on 12/31/2004 -- */ )
6) With the file option selected, locate the test file you created.
7) It will now analyze your html file and find the font used.
8) Select file in the options and put it in the SAME folder as your html file. On the same page, be sure to check "Show CSS @font-family declarations" option near the bottom of the page.
9) Copy and Paste the CSS style either in a txt file or on a file on your server for later use.
10) Upload the newly created font to your server. It will be located in the same folder your test file was created in.*
11) You can now use the given style to use custom fonts on your site!!!

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